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Do you have a clear vision of the truest version of yourself? Most people don't. They are simply a mirror of what they have absorbed from others throughout their lifetime. They believe that it is "real" when ultimately, they are living out someone else's program. And most everyone is living from a place of unconscious wounding - wounding that exists deep down that prevents true freedom of the soul. We form relationships from these wounds, we project onto others our needs, and our mistaken belief that others can heal us.


Many people ask themselves the question “what is my life purpose" without considering that what we DO is different than WHO WE ARE. We often misidentify our life purpose with what we do. We may say that our purpose is to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a dentist, an artist or any number of other things we do.


Our true life purpose is more about who we are.


In order to clearly see our purpose we need to first understand our false identity - our ego identity. The me that is a "lawyer, doctor, teacher, wife or mother." Those things are our "doing" and not our BEING. We have an identity that is real, and everything that changes is ultimately, not real. There is an "I" behind the name, the body, and the external accomplishments.


Think about it. The body you had when you came into this world was that of a baby. It is now gone. You can't find it anywhere, can you? It's merely an illusion. What about the body you had at 10 years old? Where is that? It's gone too. Another illusion. In fact, science has confirmed that we are constantly changing.


So the body you were in when you started reading this website is not even the same body you have right this second. That is profound, and important in the discovery of who you really are. It is a knowing you must deeply experience if you are to fulfill your life's greatest purpose while you are here.


When we identify only with external achievements, accomplishments in business, athletics, sports, our successes, failures, physical body, or any other changing reality, we are off-track to finding who we ARE. Getting to the core of our being, the being that exists long after and before the body, requires a process of Illumination and Journeying to find what has been hidden from most people for all of these years. At this time on the planet, these gifts and healing tools are being made available to all who are called to this work.


There was a time during my life when I struggled to identify my life’s purpose. To find my purpose for BEING as opposed to what I was "doing". I had so many blessings—a beautiful home, a committed partner, and a very successful career. But there was a void within me, a growing sense of confusion.  I always felt deeply connected on a very personal level to God and the Universe, but I felt distant from what I was here to be and embody with my existence. Everything changed when I opened myself to my true gifts, shed the identifications with ego that no longer served me, and released my fears about embracing my true life purpose. I have walked the path you are on right now.


Let me help guide you.

  • Are you ready to learn and use ancient destiny-retrieval practices to awaken your soul’s power?


  • Is it time to break free from the limiting beliefs of your mind and the "stories" imposed upon you by culture, family and society so you can co-create a more conscious, joyful and abundant life?


  • Do you wonder what your True life purpose is? Or do you know but need strategies to start fully embodying it?


  • Are you ready to activate your true gifts and release the blocks that are holding you back?



If so, then right NOW is the time to discover your purpose and to start living it. Join me and the incredible women in our Life Path Community for a deeply rewarding journey of claiming your divine destiny. Together we will explore ancient methods of discovery so that you can reflect within and empower your truest, most beautiful self. This will be a fascinating journey to uncover what has been inaccessible and hidden from you.


Over the course of a lifetime we can easily fall asleep to how free we are at our true essence. But if we show enough courage to face and expose the sources of oppression in our lives, whether they are ego/self-imposed or more externally conditioned by those around us, we can truly AWAKEN to our original purpose.


This process of self-exploration can be challenging without the proper guidance from those who came before us.


Join Liana and the women and men of LifePath for an incredible magical journey of wonder and joy as we uncover the jewels within YOU!

Some Testimonials From LifePath Members


Life Path has connected me to a whole new spiritual world. It has allowed me to discover things about my life I never knew existed and how to heal my deepest and darkest wounds. The cumulative energy of the group creates such a strong synergy and a powerful experience which is truly amazing. Life Path is the REAL deal, not that airy fairy fluffy spiritual crap other people offer. It has genuinely been the best investment, in time as well as money, which I have ever made in my entire life. I am so grateful to Liana for doing the tremendous work she has done herself to become a clear channel and also for following her own life path so that others may receive what they need to heal themselves, and in turn – heal the planet. ~ Asha Ariya

A few months ago I signed up for this amazing program. Life Path Manifesting has changed me and ultimately the rest of my life. My journey to this point even through my doctorate program was all about finding my true purpose here in this lifetime and yet even as I defended my dissertation, I knew I still hadn't found my purpose. No matter what I had done, I always felt something was missing. It truly was. I knew a lot about being in PAIN and my identity to it; I knew a lot about DOING and very little about BEING. I had all kinds of tools to heal, yet I hadn't. That has all changed. I let go of the stories, the roles, and began to lessen my grip on successes and failures. I began learning how to get too the core of my being. Was it easy, NO, were there struggles, absolutely, and even now there are still some wounds to heal, contracts to rewrite and treasures to be found. I am filled with a state of grace and so many blessings for this amazing program. If you know there is something deeper you have been searching for, if you truly want to learn to love YOU and realize your true worth, this program is it. Just be prepared to deepen your spirituality, open your heart, be encouraged and supported by an amazing community, and leave all that you thought you knew behind. ~ Dr. Kaia Alline,

Needless to say today's session was indeed that cherry on top of the (raw) cake. So much wisdom, so much joy, so much hope and encouragement. Something very profound shifted in me even before we started the session. I can't imagine not taking this class now. I don't know how else to express this powerful feeling I have about this new Me that I have become. It is a level of trust and peace that I have reached, and a place where I feel there is no return to the old anymore. This feels so encouraging, and I want to thank you Liana so much for this beautiful journey together, for sharing your medicine with us, for being the conduit for love all this time, and for being You. Thank you everyone for contributing to this space, to this journey of my life. I am deeply grateful. I love you. Thank you.
~ Alexandra M.

Hello all, I've been working on my LPM from these, simply put as irreplaceable lessons daily taught by Liana...Thank God I gave myself this lifetime of a healing gift thyself. Anyway, I'm always touched to see the growth and lessons here...I must say what a difference in genuinely getting down to the soul of the matters with LPM. LPM and its lessons have presence every single day in some amazing way. ~ Lisa M.




I agree whole heartedly with you Lisa. LPM has been life changing for me on so many levels and I am continually learning each and every day in many different way. Forever grateful to this group and Liana

~ Linda F.

LifePath Level One | Finding Your Voice is open to those who feel called to an exciting journey of true and meaningful discovery. If you have reached this website, chances are that you are on the verge of an important life shift. You have likely done a fair amount of "work" on yourself in terms of self-help programs, seminars, books on personal growth, webinars, and perhaps even sessions with a therapist. Now you have landed here because the universe is offering you an opportunity to go deeper, and get to the real core of who you are, why you are here, and to help you discover the source of your pain, while also discovering the exciting unique gifts ou embody that are yours and yours alone!


If You Are Receiving Divine Signs That You Need a Shift,

LifePath is the Program For You.


If you are trying to keep it together, balancing too many plates in the air, finding yourself sometimes pretending that everything is fine, wearing a smile to hide pain of abandonment, abuse, powerlessness, codependence, emotional distance from your partner, spouse or children, you feel like your passions are stifled, or you are in an unhealed body, maybe dealing with serious illness, feel emotionally drained, maybe struggling financially, or any other Divine Sign that you need a shift, this is the program to help you clear away the pain and get to your best life.


Are You Ready to Drop The Pain Story?


Pain, whether emotional or physical, often becomes our story. It is our ego's identity. It is the "I am not good enough, I have chronic pain, I'm a workaholic, I have trouble being financially secure, I am irresponsible, etc..."  In other words, I AM SUFFERING.


It may sound odd but many people cling to their pain story and are willing to sacrifice peace, love, abundance, joy, passion and health in order to keep the story going. Sounds crazy right? But even if you are unhappy, in pain, or stressed out, it is a pain that  has become comfortable. A pain that contains part of your identity.

Ask yourself, what do I lose when I lose the pain story?


The core reasons people suffer in their pain stories and are afraid to let them go is because:


1. They haven't identified it as a story yet. They may still believe these pain stories are "truth".


2. Many people live in adult bodies that are being directed by unhealed inner children. Children need to be given love and care, not the keys to the family car. Yet many people choose (consciously and unconsciously) to fill the tank with gas, give their child the keys, and let them drive with no seatbelt, while they are sitting in the backseat waiting and watching.


3. Letting go of the stories means having to look deep within, and provide love and healing to that inner child. This is where it gets tricky. It's one thing to identify a wound, and realize what you didn't get in childhood. Even with parents who did their best. But it's quite another to be able to HEAL from that. And it can only happen when you can become the adult that loves your inner child.


This means understanding that it is you who are responbsible for your own happiness, releasing mom and dad and all caregivers from the subconscious expectations you have placed on them to fix it and make it alright. (Or the surrogate mom and dad which can be your wife, husband, teachers, mentors, friends etc...)

Healing The True Source of All Pain: Lack of Self-Love

If you were to list all of the expectations your parents had of you, both spoken and unspoken, you would see that many of them have to do with ego. A parent's own ego is bolstered when a child gets a "straight A" report card, a gold medal, a glowing report from a teacher, or scores the winning goal of the game, or is the "star" quarterback.


But none of those things have anything to do with love. They are merely external sources of validation. When the parent receives that validation, they feel good about themselves (temporarily), they approve of you, and you feel loved.


But what about when you failed, got a bad grade, made a mess, dated someone they didn't approve of, got in "trouble" at school, or skipped class altogether? Did you feel as much deep love, gratitude and affection from mom and dad in those times?


If not, you didn't receive unconditional love.

The fully healed parent knows that his or her main purpose as a parent is to love their children unconditionally. But since most people did not receive unconditional love as children themselves, it can be incredibly difficult for them to even understand how to do that. So most people grow up believing that they are not inherently worthy of love, but that have to "do" or "be" something in order to be worthy. On top of that, you may have had a parent or two who were/are narcissistic, verbally or physically abusive, used anger and aggression to get you to "behave", passive-aggressive behavior, or emotionally distant and withdrawn.   


The Abandonment Wound of Childhood


The abandonment wound of childhood is felt by a huge percentage of humanity. Of course some people are literally abandoned by one or both of their parents through divorce, or death or adoption, but as described above, many are emotionally abandoned by having love withheld. Any time you were not shown love, you were learning on very deep subconscious layers that you need to "do something" in order to deserve love. This ultimately results in the wrong belief that you are not inherently worthy of love, care, protection, safety, kindness, success, peace and joy.


But you ARE worthy of love, and this program will be your roadmap to that place of understanding.


But let me be real. If you are looking for the "misery loves company" kind of environment where people stay stuck, and who like to live in everything that is wrong and negative, this is not your program and I am not your teacher.


I am a teacher whose purpose in life is to show people the roadmap to loving themselves, trusting themselves and their own decisions, and being empowered to go in, rescue their inner child, and live a great life. On your own time schedule, in your own way, and in accordance with your own highest self. 


In our community we share deeply about the pains, difficulties, and varied roads we've traveled. But we do so in a way that EMPOWERS each other to be lifted out of where we are -- not in a way that keeps us dependent on our pain story. This is a true program of liberation, IF YOU DO THE WORK.


  This program was created for those ready to leap into

a fully activated consciousness.

Finding Your Voice


Experience an immersion into twelve weeks of life-expanding teachings from the ancient wisdom schools. Be prepared to expand your heart, enlighten your mind, deepen your connection to your purpose and advance on your life journey – all in an incredibly supportive community.


Each week in the program your will uncover more about your true path by learning the secrets that have been practiced for thousands of years by the "wisdom-keepers" but have been largely unavailable to most people. You will have unique opportunities to participate in group meditations, healing sound sessions, and powerful transmissions of energetic clearing that will help you remove the veils of illusion, the masks, and the known and unknown blocks to fulfillment.


You will get to participate in healing ceremonies that allow you to create intention, peace, love, light and harmony for a purposeful new reality, while working deeply on the shadow, the core wounds and removing blocks to growth that may be from early childhood, or before that time. Many of us carry lineage wounding with us that needs to be cleared.

MODULE ONE: Who were you before the world told you who to be?

In this module, you will get an overview of what it means to become a "clear vessel" to embody your most Divine Life.


We cover the ideas of:


  • How the Ego takes control of our life

  • How to clear imprinting we are not aware of

  • How to manifest what is our HIGHEST purpose

  • How to be prepared to honor your true path

  • How to connect with undying joy and the undying self, even in the midst of life's ups and downs

  • Learning the Ancient Hawaiian Forgiveness Practice of Ho'Oponopono and how to use this gift of healing in its most powerful form to begin clearing all of the layers of pain that have become part of your being.



Ultimately, we come to a place of discovery of who we TRULY ARE, way before the world imposed it's expectations and definitions upon us.

In this module, you will get an overview of what it means to co-create your best life.


You will get practical steps and techniques for:


  • Truly transforming your life in all the ways you want

  • Creating the world around you rather than simply being thrown into someone else's dream of what and who you should be

  • How to use the power of thought in dreaming your world into the highest version of yourself

  • Understanding your Luminous Energy Body and how it can be your best ally on the path to vibrant emotional and physical health

  • Receive sacred healing transmissions that will provide you with energetic help to move into your new path

  • Understainding how to deal with fear as it comes up on the road to self-discovery



MODULE TWO: Receive Healing Energy Transmissions, Tools and Practices for Transformation

The Transformational Power of Sound


In this module, you will be introduced to the Solfeggio Scales of sacred sound healing to help you awaken your own intuition and free yourself from the pain of guilt and fear.


Music and sound are extremely transformational tools for the human body and soul. However, it is now known that our modern day musical scale has been robbed of its vast potential for healing and transformation. There was once an even more powerful, time-honored tonal scale known as, the original Solfeggio frequencies.


These original Solfeggio frequencies have the capacity to transform your life in miraculous ways. Their origins date back to ancient times when they were sung in the Gregorian chants during religious ceremonies in churches of that time period. But strangely, around 1050 AD, they mysteriously disappeared, presumably lost forever, until they were rediscovered.


These chants contained special tones or frequencies which, when sung in harmony were able to impart tremendous spiritual blessings, and could penetrate deep into the recesses of the subconscious mind and promote great healing and transformation.

The Solfeggio frequencies contain the six pure tonal notes which were once used to make up the ancient musical scale, until they were altered by the Catholic Church and Pope Gregory I, (better known as "Gregory the Great"), who served from 590 to 604 AD. The Church claimed they simply "lost" 152 of these amazing ancient Gregorian chants.


This is one of the most powerful tools for human transformation, and we will be learning it and working directly with this powerful life-changing tool.

MODULE THREE: Awaken Your Intuition and Free Yourself From Guilt and Fear With Sound

MODULE FOUR: Womb Healing Ceremony and a  Power Animal Retrieval Journey


In this Module you will be able to participate in a powerful Womb Healing ceremony. There is a lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering. This lineage of women wants us to remember: The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.


This Ceremony is healing for all women, whether you are in your childbearing years, menopause years, if you are pregnant or if your uterus was removed. Energetically, with or without a uterus, all women still have their womb and it is vital that you reconnect with it to reclaim your feminine wisdom and power.


After you receive this healing, nurturing it to heal any imprints of pain and sorrow and step into joy is vital.

In this module, we will also cover:


  • The true teacher-student relatonship, and how a true teacher helps you remove any obstacles between your own inner guidance and your wakeful mind.

  • Understanding non-violence, particularly with respect to ourselves, including removing negative self-talk

  • Walking your talk and being committed to yourself in pursuit of your highest path. Embodying on the outside what your core integrity is on the inside.

  • Using your life energy wisely with courage and guidance


And the highlight and culmination of this module is a fully guided group journey to meet your power animal. This journey will have a profound effect on your day-to-day life as it will give you guidance, support, grounding and any insight you need that is shared with your power animal.


MODULE FIVE: Finding Truth and Clarity in Our Lives With The Journey To The Chamber of Wounds

In this module, you will get an overview of what it means to co-create your best life through the integration of the "Love" Solfeggio Frequency, as well as a powerful Journey to the Chamber of Wounds, the first of our Four Healing Journeys.


You will get practical steps and techniques for:


  • Getting clarity of the "warrior heart" in finding truth and direction for our lives

  • The 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency, the "love" frequency. This freqency on the Solfeggio scale was actually used to clean the oil out of the water from the Gulf of Mexico. 528Hz is considered the “Universal Healer

  • Learning about the "root" of ALL human disease

  • Understanding how to open and expand your vision, get out of being stuck, breaking through old patterns, and truly gaining meaning from life by journeying to the Chamber of Wounds, where we will discover the CORE wound that is the source of all pain, a wound that may come from this lifetime or previous lifetimes.

MODULE SIX: Uncovering the Tools of the Medicine Wheel



The medicine wheel is the basis for the healing journey of many primary cultures around the world. On our life journey we begin in the south to wholeness, the first step is shedding the wounds and stories of our own past. In this module, you will be empowered by the lessons, wisdom, and strength of your history as victim, perpatrator, or rescuer, but no longer carry it as heavy energy in your soul that keeps trying to repeat itself


The healing journey starts in the south and ends in the east. But we actually travel the medicine wheel in a spiral with no beginning and no end but an expansion of ever increasing levels of awareness and joy.


When we embark on the medicine wheel as a healing journey we are learning practical tools, but also expanding our perception so we can heal our own wounds, traumas, limiting beliefs, and fears, but that we heal the fundamental underlying myths of our culture and the nature of our relationship with the Earth and all of our relations.

Ultimately in the work of the South, we change our perception of the past and work on the subtle energetic level so that our present reality is not organized by that which no longer serves us.

MODULE SEVEN: Journey to the Chamber of Contracts, and Uncovering the Medicine of the West



In this module we move to the work of the West on the Medicine Wheel - Mother-Sister Jaguar.


The second step is to shed your ancestor’s wounds and stories that you may also be carrying. This is the work of the West class and the extraction rites in our sessions. By the time this work is complete, you will experience a rebirth on every level of your being.  At this point, you are free from the heaviest influences and are beginning to experience the true power of your creative nature.


We will also journey to the Chamber of Contracts. In this soul chamber is where we access any agreements made in order to survive as children or in order to survive a crisis in which we felt helpless to defend ourselves where the tradeoff  was safety and survival. 

Often, these contracts are unconscious and become the source of our limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns of behavior. So we have to make these contracts conscious and change the terms of them in order to heal our souls.

MODULE EIGHT: Full Chakra Illumination Healing Ceremony and Process.

The Illumination Process For Healing


Illumination is one of the most powerful tools available for healing, to release emotional charge around a topic, experience, or idea.


We are all surrounded by a ‘luminous energy body’ that stores all of our experiences. We can develop ‘imprints’ around our experiences, and that can mean we keep playing out the same trauma over and over, or can’t let go or a habit or pattern or destructive thought form. 


Every imprint in our Luminous Energy Field is linked to a chakra, through which it releases its toxic data into the central nervous system. The imprint is the source, the chakra is the channel, and the nervous system distributes it.


To clear the pattern that energetically lies beneath the emotional charge, we remove the energy of that imprint or pattern from your field – like illness, fear, abandonment, etc – and replace it with light. This work is permanent – what gets released is truly released, and frees you up to dive deeper into your healing and joy. Illumination is powerful work.

The Illumination Process can help us heal at the deepest level. When these imprints are erased, we can change negative emotions and behaviors, the power of the immune system is unleashed, and physical healing is accelerated.




The Illumination Process can help you achieve healing in 3 ways.

1. It clears energetic deposits attached to our chakras. This strengthens the immune response.
2. It transforms toxic energy around negative physical and emotional imprints.
3. It cleans the imprints in the Luminous Energy Field.

The Module on Illumination will help you:


  • Break habits that you've worked and worked on but can't seem to get rid of.

  • Stop recurring patterns that you are unclear on WHY you do them (such as sabotaging relationships, attracting the wrong kind of partners)

  • Find freedom from fear, anger, insecurity and other unpleasant emotions that seem to drive your choices and responses in life

  • Clear genetic imprinting

  • Strengthen your own professional healing work

  • Prepare for Light Body Activation, DNA Activation and other ascension work

MODULE NINE: Hummingbird Medicine. Journey to the Chamber of Grace.

Hummingbird Medicine


In this module we move to the work of the North on the Medicine Wheel - Hummingbird.


The hummingbird represents the the wisdom position on the medicine wheel.  It is the symbol of the soul.  It demonstrates its courage and wisdom in the vast migration it makes each year from the jungles of Brazil to the hills and valleys of North America. Uncharted journey deep into the soul. As humans, we too can embark on the epic journey when Spirit calls.


Hummingbird truly helps us assume the role of author of our own story, and release all limiting roles so that we can be fully available when Spirit calls.

We will also journey to the Chamber of Grace. Here you find your healed soul part and bring it back into conscious life along with all the unique gifts of your soul. This soul-retrieval technique clearly goes beyond past-life therapy. Some of the Gifts of This Soul Retrieval Include:


  • Returned ability to make decisions

  • The ability to be present in one’s life

  • Move past issues that had kept you “ Stuck”

  • New growth, ability to create a new map, a new path

  • Move past grief

  • Become whole

  • Confidence

  • Improved self esteem

MODULE TEN: The Wisdom of the Eagle, Expanding Our Vision, and Working Through the Ego

Eagle Medicine


In this module we move to the work of the East on the Medicine Wheel - Eagle. In this Module we will also continue our in-depth work on the ego.


  • Differentiating "self-image" from ego.

  • How the ego affects your relationships.

  • Moving things Through Your life

  • Unwinding Back Doors

  • Working to Create Your Destiny

  • Letting go of Attachment to Outcome


Eagle Medicine teaches us how to take a new view on the challenges in our lives. If we don’t readily find solutions it may be because our vision is too limited to see the solutions we need. We also learn to go beyond the intellect in making decisions, and to connect with spirt in order to access our independence, vision and strength.

MODULE ELEVEN:  Inner Child Process, Shadow Discovery, and Chamber of Treasures

Inner Child Process and Shadow Discovery


"The cry we hear from deep in our hearts comes from the wounded child within." Thich Naht Hanh


The wounded child is also in each cell of our body. There is no cell of our body that does not have that wounded child in it. We don’t have to look far into the past for that child. We only have to look deeply and we can be in touch with her/him. The wounded child is lying inside us right now in the present moment.


But just as the suffering is present in every cell of our body, so are the seeds of awakened understanding and happiness handed down to us from our ancestors.


We just have to use them. We have a lamp inside us, the lamp of mindfulness, which we can light anytime.

We will also journey to the Chamber of Treasures, where the great unexpressed creative and artistic gifts are stored. Access your unexplored gifts in this journey and bring them with you in your life.

MODULE TWELVE: Letting it Go, Feeling Less Pain, Going Forward In Your Truth

Closing Ceremony and Final Lessons


In this last Module, we learn the tools and lessons needed to fully Surrender to Life, Let Go of everything that no longer serves us. 



“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.” ~Ajahn Chah


We create and maintain problems because they give us a sense of identity, which sometimes leads us to hold onto our pain far beyond its ability to serve us. We replay past mistakes over and over again in our head, allowing feelings of shame and regret to shape our actions in the present. We cling to frustration and worry about the future, as if the act of fixation somehow gives us power.

We hold stress in our minds and bodies, potentially creating serious health issues, and accept that state of tension as the norm.

We all have in common one thing: and it is hat we want to feel happy; and on the other side of that coin, we want to avoid hurting. Yet we consistently put ourselves in situations that set us up for pain. In trying to hold on too tight to things that no longer serve us, we limit our ability to experience joy in the present. A moment can’t possibly radiate fully when you’re suffocating it in fear.When you stop trying to grasp, own, and control the world around you, you give it the freedom to fulfill you without the power to destroy you. That’s why letting go is so important: letting go is letting happiness in.

Some More Testimonials From

Recent LifePath Members

Thank you Liana for your commitment to this class and your calling. I honestly had no idea what I was signing up for when I joined this class, I just knew I needed it. It feels more right than anything I've ever heard/seen before. Hard to put it into words other than I feel like these are answers I've been searching for, for a very long time. ~ Cahira Noelani


Thank you Liana for providing us with this opportunity not only to learn and experience but to come together to share experiences; for the way that you teach things (I love hearing at each lesson how these have been reflected in your life) and for your honesty. Thank you to everyone in here; Liana said during one of the lessons that our paths come together to form a collective whole, no matter where everyone is on their path, and I hold on to that feeling of connection to all in this group. ~ Natalia P., Greece



Thank you so much Liana! You are truly a one of a kind teacher. I have written about it before, and will continue to write about your incredible gifts that will help many, many people on your lifepath. I'm like a new person, awake in a dream, seeing the possibilities before my eyes as a powerful creator of my destiny. Last night's part about the Divine Feminine had me shivering. It was like you were channeling an ancient prophesy. I don't know anything about the activation of light that you mentioned, but I've certainly felt an intense desire to shed layers since last December. I have immense gratitude for all the invaluable lessons and for the guidance you continue to offer. I feel so blessed to be a part of a community of such ROCKSTAR women who are all destined to reach for the stars. Your efforts are more than enough. So much love in my heart!!! THANK YOU!!

~ Dina V.

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